Movie Review : Sultan (2016)

There is something about Salman Khan. Either you love him for his charm, screen presence or bold attitude or you hate him due to his controversial remarks or brush with law but you cannot deny the fact that he is one superstar whose stardom and films are not impacted (morning shows were housefull at 8 … Continue reading Movie Review : Sultan (2016)


Movie Review : Dhanak (2016)

Life is beautiful in every aspect, every moment and every breath. We forget to live and enjoy the life in present due to hectic schedule and aspirations. "Dhanak" is a simple story well told with a strong message embedded deep within. "Dhanak" tells the story of siblings Chotu(Krissh Chabhra) and Phoolan(Sapna Singh) who embarks on … Continue reading Movie Review : Dhanak (2016)

Movie Review : Udta Punjab(2016)

Controversies surrounding "Udta Punjab" finally comes to end as the dark-thriller drama releases today with high expectation thanks to the unwanted publicity it received. As the film was on the verge of getting released, I was wondering what led CBFC (Center Board Of Film Certification) to 89 cuts. We have seen films more violent and … Continue reading Movie Review : Udta Punjab(2016)

Movie Review : TE3N (2016)

The best part of "Who-Done-It" thrillers are the excitement, curiosity and anxiety that will help you keep engaged and the twist in the end will surprise as well satisfy you. Does "Te3N" lives upto the excitement generated by "Kahaani". Let us check it out.. "Te3N" tells the story of a child who goes missing one … Continue reading Movie Review : TE3N (2016)

Movie Review : Phobia (2016)

"Agoraphobia" is fear of places and situations that might cause panic, helplessness or embarrassment. Imagine the state of a person suffering from this rare disease. Hard right ? Well, "Phobia" is more than a horror film as it deals with psychology of a person and the result is well-made and a brilliant film. "Phobia" talks … Continue reading Movie Review : Phobia (2016)