1st Weekend Box Office Report : “Sultan” Creates HISTORY !!!

Salman Khan should pop a champagne now as he made the producer of “Sultan”, YRF films, run all the way to the bank. “Sultan” has created a history by achieving a big milestone which other big releases manages to earn in their lifetime business.

With “Sultan”, Salman Khan has not only broken his own record for “Highest opening day grossing EID film” and “Highest opening grossing film of 2016” beating “Airlift”(Rs 127.8 crores) and “Housefull 3″(Rs 107.70 crores) both starring Akshay Kumar, the wrestling drama has grossed a jaw-dropping collections of Rs 180.36 crores (Wed 36.54 cr, Thu 37.32 cr, Fri 31.67 cr, Sat 36.62 cr, Sun 38.21 cr) in just 5 days.

As of now, we can say that Salman Khan is indeed a superstar whose name itself is good enough to draw the crowd to the theaters. However, with “Sultan”, Salman Khan has proved that he can act as well since the word-of-mouth is positive from the paying audience.

– Ketan Gupta


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