Salman Khan Or Aamir Khan– Who Looks Better As A Wrestler?

Acting is certainly not easy atleast what it looks like on the silver screen. An actor has to study and deep-dive into the character to perfectly fit the part. In Hollywood, Christain Bale is one such actor whose passion for acting made him him shed 30 kilos to look his part in The Machinist and eventually look beefy in Batman Begins right after that.

Recent example is the method-actor Aamir Khan who shocked everyone with his well-sculpted physique. Aamir Khan is always known for deep-diving into a character he essays on the silver screen. He will be seen playing the role of the legendary wrestler Mahavir Phogat in Nitesh Tiwari‘s biographical sports drama Dangal. Interestingly, While Aamir has chosen to put on weight to look like an aging pehelwaan.


On the other hand, Aamir Khan’s good friend, Salman Khan’s Sultan is easily one of the most anticipated films of this year. With teaser released last EID in 2015 and subsequent photos of Salman Khan from various angles has generated curiosity beyond the limit. Salman has decided to make the fictional character of Sultan look fab without the flab.


So what do you think which actor has worked hard to get the physique of a wrestler. Cast your vote now :-

  • Ketan Gupta

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