Movie Review : Phobia (2016)

“Agoraphobia” is fear of places and situations that might cause panic, helplessness or embarrassment. Imagine the state of a person suffering from this rare disease. Hard right ? Well, “Phobia” is more than a horror film as it deals with psychology of a person and the result is well-made and a brilliant film.

“Phobia” talks about a painter, Mahek (played by Radhika Apte), who suffers from anxiety disorder called “Agoraphobia” after she starts in a new house following her survival from a attempt-to-rape situation.

From the director of “Ragini MMS” and “Darr @ Mall”, Pawan Kirpalani takes a step ahead with an untouched story never attempted before. The trailer of “Phobia” was intriguing but after watching the film, you will be in surprised with a wonderful story that keeps you glued to the screen. The first scene at the party is itself unravels the clues leading to the consequences but Pawan Kirpalani has played it smart and let the audience take a back seat and enjoy the ride till the end.


Infact, this is one of the strongest climax scenes I have seen. Salute to the brilliant director for making my day with sincere efforts. The screenplay is absolutely thrilling with solid twist. Art direction is fine. Cinematography is catchy. Special mention to the background score which goes well especially when Mahek faces her fear and steps out of the house.

It is Radhika Apte all the way. She goes into the character of Mahek and gives her best. This will be her best performances of her life till now. Rest of the cast does justice to their part. Overall, “Phobia” is an enriching experience for the cinematic lovers. Brilliant 4/5

  • Ketan Gupta

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